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              高溫燒成滑板主要應用于大中型鋼包以及中間包連鑄,具有強度高、抗沖刷、 熱震穩定性好等特點,有鋁碳質、鋁鋯碳質,可滿足不同鋼種的需要。

        High-temperature sintered sliding plate is applied to big and medium ladle and middle ladle casting.  It has advantages of high strength, strong resistance of scour capability, high thermal shock resistance, and so on.  Alumina carbon and alumina zirconium carbon can meet the command of different types of steel.


        Main physicochemical index of high-temperature sintered sliding plate


        Packing mode: carton and wood pallet or carton.  Specification: quantity is according to customer’s requirement. 

        Attention on product storage and transportation manners: keep dry, avoid shaking and impact, handle with care.  It has six months’ shelf life.